This is What Happens When You are Locked Down in Goa!


We are entering the third month of lock-down here in India.

A total of 62 days on-the-trot!

How has it been so far?

Inspiring? Life changing? Disappointing? Or you are still figuring out?

Whatever it is, one thing for sure…

You’ll not forget about this situation and these lock-down days for a long…long time.

Something similar happened to me as well.

This lockdown has truly been a blessing in disguise for me. I have had such a quality time with my family, my pet dog, and most importantly, time for myself.

Yet, there was something which was even more special…

The tune of birds chirping in the morning,
Or the scream of peacocks singing at the dusk time.

The scent of dry chillies on the terrace,
Or the aroma of prawn’s curry in the kitchen.

The melody of milk squirting into metal buckets,
Or the sound of coconuts crushing in the desi grinder.

The refreshing evening walks in the cashew farm,
Or the relaxing talks under the starry sky.

How I grew up (in fact why!) and forgot about all these wonderful moments, which were right there, in my own backyard, calmly waiting for me to come back!

Why is it that we often miss out living in the present?

When did we stop celebrating these tiny little yet precious moments around us…and recording it not just on our phones, but in our memories too?

I’ve decided…

I’m not gonna let go of these moments. I’ll record it, save it, share it, and keep recording…

Who knows this is our only chance in many many years to come to pause, look back on our lives, and make it better again- like it was back in the good old days!

And trust me, everything heals with time. May be THIS is your time to try and fix it…

As the great Gulzar said:

थोड़ा सा रफू करके देखिये ना,
फिर से नयी सी लगेगी…ज़िन्दगी ही तो है!

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