The Lost Blue Slipper!

Do you remember that year when you’d gone for a college picnic….with your besties?

Final exams had just ended and summer vacations were on.

It was the month of May and your first ever outing together.

Boy, you wanted it to be special!

It was a late evening…dark and quiet and you were all sitting by the lakeside.

The setting sun marked the end of your picnic and it was almost time to go back home.

But, no one spoke a word.

Deep inside you knew it’d taken a lot to get this group together, especially getting ‘her’ onboard. So, you didn’t interrupt either.

And while it generally doesn’t rain that frequently in May, you could sense it was near and coming.

It could rain any moment but you just sat there, adjacent to her.

In your mind, you were already rehearsing the conversation with her…

“Hey, what a coincidence! You are wearing light blue slippers and I’m wearing a light blue T-shirt too.”

Nah! That’s lame. Maybe something else….You were still trying to recollect a good pickup line.

“You know your light blue slippers just remind me of my favourite IPL team. In fact, my T-shirt is the same colour too.”

Ahh this one’s better! You utter a sigh of relief.

You were ready with your pick-up line, polished and rehearsed several times…

And then suddenly, the whole sky lit up.

Within seconds, the dark silence is interrupted by lightning and thunderstorm.

Disappointed, you start cursing your luck and decide to rush back, seeing others do the same.

You had never really liked these rains and now, you start hating it too…

To add to it, you are also not finding one of your slippers.

Its dark, there are thick bushes around and its a rocky path back home.

Furious and helpless, you look around for a shelter to avoid the rain.

You spot a tree and rush towards it.

It keeps raining….heavily and endlessly.

There are now mini streams of mud-water flowing from either side of the tree.

And just then, in the dim moonlight, you spot your slipper flowing in the stream, meters away.

Finally! Something to cheer about after a rather disappointing evening.

You are about to step out to get it back when the lightning strikes yet again, this time even stronger, brightening the whole surrounding and what you see, in that brief moment, leaves you awestruck!

Almost everyone had left, but she hadn’t.

Without worrying about the lightning, heavy rains, muddy waters and the cold night, she was just standing there…enjoying the rains…with crinkling eyes, arms spread out, chin up to the sky and body…fully drenched in water.

Is this the moment?

Excited yet nervous, you look at her and scream loud:


For the first time, you have stepped out in the rain, willingly, and without worrying about the thick bushes and the rocky path, you start running towards her.

She stops, turns around, and looks at you, puzzled.

You wipe the raindrops dripping off your chin, look in her eyes, bend your knee and finally say it- “You are so beautiful, I forgot my pickup line!”

She just stares…but doesn’t respond.

Embarrassed, you get up, still unable to face her and try to cover up…

“No, actually it was just…about your light blue…slip……er…s…ss– You look down. Guess what? Her slippers are missing too!

You are even more confused but seeing no response from her, you quietly walk away…

You know its game over now.

The rain slowly dies down and then stops completely.

Your excitement fades away too.

You take a long walk back but as you are just about to cross the stream…you spot your lost slipper again, quietly flowing away in the stream…

But this time…flowing along with ‘her’ light blue slipper. 😃

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