The Mystic Monsoons of Goa

I always wanted to visit the high altitude places…the ones in the South or in the far North East just to experience how is it like to be in there, just at the onset of Monsoon, and experience the first rains.

Monsoons and the Jungle

Not that monsoons aren’t pretty here in Goa…but just looking for the newness of the first rains, somewhere else, far away.

For me, it’s not the actual monsoons; but the setup just before that, a.k.a the pre-monsoons, that makes me nostalgic.

monsoon clouds
rains in Goa

It reminds me of my theatre days.

More than the actual on-stage performance, i.e. the “monsoons” in June, I like the dress rehearsals more-i.e. the “pre-monsoons”.

During rehearsals, there’s no audience, no pressure, no lightings, no make-ups. You just make a random entry and perform. Everything’s so casual and one can even swap characters.

monsoon madness
Talking of characters, the ‘Atrangi’ me comes alive during Monsoons!

The same thing with the pre-monsoons…playing the cameo roles every once in a while yet no front-page headlines, no panel discussions, no one’s even talking about it.

It just makes a random appearance, rains for a while, creates a bit of panic and then whoosh!  

Within seconds, droplets disappear in thin air and the sun’s out again.

roads in Goa
Lazy noons in Goa

But not for too long…

It hides again, behind the canopy of violet clouds, summons the rain gods for yet another appearance, and thus, the cycle continues…

Maybe the only difference, as opposed to drama rehearsals, is that here there’s ‘lighting’, and lots of it with even louder ‘music’!

And this lightning strikes fear, especially among the kids, corned in their houses by the elderly.

lightnings in monsoon

What follows, moments later is a loud thunderstorm and an even louder cheer, from the same nervous kids.

Their teary eyes now sparkling, with joy, excitement and an urge to rush to the angans, to feel the serenity of the first showers and the aroma of freshly-watered soil.

monsoon in its purest form
Monsoons in Goa in its purest form.

A few rebellious kids even dare to go out, only to be grabbed by their collars and dragged back in.

It doesn’t matter now.

The mission is accomplished!

A little wink from that rebel kid to his fellow mates, who were not so gutsy enough, and the kids go wild again, this time in welcoming their massinha.

The fear is long gone, the clothes are muddy, the soul is wet, and the satisfaction….immense!

With heavier rains, the hooting and cheering get louder and louder and within minutes, slowly fades away as the kids go to sleep one by one.

The moms gently pick up their kids, wrap them in dry towels and slowly make an exit.

The lights dim down…curtains fall…the drizzling continues in the background…

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4 thoughts on “The Mystic Monsoons of Goa”

    • Yes. As I look back, it’d been a long time since I’d spent so much time in Goa without going anywhere else. This lockdown, as I keep saying it, has truly been a blessing in disguise for me. Glad you liked it @Sandesh.

      Did you also read the first part? I’m sure you’ll like it too.


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