How I Met My Roommate Who Wasn’t My Roommate!

’Until I come across testimonials in favor of waking up early, overwhelming testimonials of course, I’ll continue to be as lazy as I am.’’- I promised myself as I hit snooze and buried my face inside the pillow.

Since I joined late, I didn’t get to choose the room of my choice. So, I had to move in to the only available room in GIM- Room No. 5108 in Hostel 5 , which I was told, is the only place which remains ‘wet’ even if the whole country is dry.

Way towards hostels in Goa Institute of Management

Broadly, there were 2 categories of rooms in Goa Institute of Management, single occupancy and double occupancy. But mine was a different category in itself.

Room No. 5108: My First Ever Hostel Room

It was as if they had built the room only the previous night. It didn’t have a ceiling fan, had a huge gap in between the two window panes and although it was supposed to be a ‘double-sharing’ room, it had two inner rooms and a single master door.

The two inner rooms didn’t have a partition in between. But since it was a boys’ hostel, it hardly made any difference, or at least I thought so until that night…

I heard some commotion going on during the night followed by a faint knock on the door. I was too tired to get out of my bed and check on it, so I ignored it and went back to sleep.

View of the majestic Western Ghats from the hostels of GIM Goa
View of the majestic Western Ghats from the hostels of GIM Goa

‘’Until I come across testimonials in favor of waking up early, overwhelming testimonials of course, I’ll continue to be as lazy as I am.’’- I promised myself as I hit yet another snooze on the alarm and buried my face inside the pillow.

But the very next moment I woke up, realizing it was my first day in GIM and that I had to get ready for the early morning lecture.

Our rooms didn’t have an attached bathroom, thus I walked towards the master door through the inner room and had a quick glance at the other bed expecting a good morning smile from my roomie.

I did get a smile but my head refused to turn back at the utter disbelief of what it had just seen. As ‘her’ voice boomed into my ears, me, my head and the air, everything seemed to stand still, except for the ever-growing size of my pupils.

‘’I can adjust with the table fan and a broken window pane, I will!’’- I said to myself, and thanked the hostel wardens multiple times on my way for their ‘mixed-sharing’ concept, as I geared up for the first lecture of the day.

Class Room 3, Section C: First Lecture in GIM

I was really curious to know how the lecture halls in a B-school would be, add to it the excitement of attending classes after almost a year. But the lecture had not begun yet, so I casually entered the washroom beside me.

As I was trying to get creases out of my shirt, I saw a lady enter the washroom from the corner of the mirror. At first, she didn’t seem to notice me, but when she did, she looked equally confused as me, but I was more annoyed as I had certainly not liked the ‘mixed-sharing’ concept this time, due to obvious reasons.

She immediately walked out of the room, had a quick look at the sign board outside, knocked the door and came back to tell me that I had probably entered the wrong washroom. Embarrassed, I quickly walked out of the room.

What hurt me was not the fact that I had entered the wrong washroom, but the way she had deliberately stressed the word ‘probably’ even after seeing the sign board.

‘’I should grow a beard and look more ‘manly’’’ I said to myself and rolled my fingers over the chin as I entered the lecture hall.

The setup was such that the class faced the faculty from 3 sides. I felt it weird as one section of the class could only see the faculty from behind the ears.

Classroom setup in GIM Goa

I always thought that the faculties here are trained to focus their eyes on either sides simultaneously, I decided to give it a try.

My eyebrows joined as I tried to keep my head still in a bid to focus attention on two sides simultaneously. Just when I thought I was doing well, a few curious heads turned towards me, including the girl I met in the washroom who looked at me in utter disgust as she had now got a clear proof of my abnormality.

Thus, I decided to focus in only one direction, towards the clock.

It was a memorable first day at GIM. And just when I thought it would end on a high note, it disappointed me.

My heart was pounding in excitement as I came back to my room and knocked the door which seemed locked from inside. I heard footsteps coming towards the room so I held my breath and waited impatiently for my ‘female roomie’ to open the door.

‘’Welcome back Roomie. Nice to meet you.’’- an unfamiliar and ‘unwanted’ voice greeted me as I stood at the doorway puzzled. The girl I met in the morning was nowhere to be seen.

The thoughts of my ‘mixed-sharing’ fantasy shattered as I wished ‘him’ good night and went back to sleep, but this time with a pair of earphones!

My first roommate(s) in GIM :

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