The ‘Bhayyas’ and the ‘Mumbaikars’- An Eternal Love Story!

Another memorable incident from my train journeys.😃 😍

So last week I was travelling from Goa to Mumbai in Mandovi Express train in sleeper compartment.

It’s almost a 12 hour journey and since my seat was on side upper birth (where there are no windows! 😅) I came down and sat on a vacant seat near the window, a few rows ahead of my seat.

From the moment I sat there, a Maharashtrian couple, who was sitting on the adjacent seat, was constantly staring at me and murmuring something between them.

I leaned towards the window and started listening to the conversation carefully.

They were discussing in Marathi.

The husband was really upset with how these ‘Bhayya log’ (their term for people from U.P-Bihar) enter reserved compartments without ticket and sit on any random seat, as if it’s their own.

Very soon it escalated!

The discussion which started from how people like me (as he thought I was a ‘Bhayya’ too 😅) invade the seats in reserved compartments, was now specifically leading to these ‘Bhayyas’ intruding the entire Mumbai.

Mumbai and ‘Bhayyas’ seemed like a dear topic to the fellow passengers, who apparently were Mumbaikars too (guessing by their Marathi accent 😉) and had now jumped into the conversation and were discussing how life in Mumbai has become difficult and how traffic problems have increased, all because of these ‘Bhayyas’! 😆

This surely brought a smile on my face seeing the dormant section of our compartment become suddenly active with the haunted thought of their Beloved Mumbai slipping away from their hands.

‘’Hya Bhayyanchya bapaachi nahiye Mumbai!’’ (These Bhayyas don’t own Mumbai!)

-The husband suddenly shouted and thumped his fist on the cushion looking at the unexpected support from the fellow passengers.

A few heads nodded in agreement.

Even though this was all targeted towards me, in my mind, I was enjoying every bit of his ‘Bhayya Puraan’.😆

Something to cheer up my otherwise boring train journey!

He was completely engrossed in ‘this’ task of saving Mumbai and while addressing the fellow passengers, I realized, he had now started cursing me in Marathi.

His wife, with a seemingly cool demeanor, was constantly trying to calm him down.

I pretended I couldn’t understand a word of what he was speaking and just lay there, gazing outside the window.

Turns out it wasn’t their seat either, where I was sleeping. 🤨

He was just furious that I was seating on somebody else’s seat.

I realized this when the actual owner of the seat, who had gone to the washroom amidst all this drama, had now returned and was standing beside me.

The husband whispered to him in Marathi’ ‘’Hya Bhad**la hakal ithun’’ (Ask this gentleman to go away 😅)

However, that man knew I had a ticket (as he had seen me verify it with the Ticket Collector a while ago) and politely requested me to go back to my seat.

I immediately obliged and turned towards my seat.

But hey! Hold on! Something was pending…I grinned as I returned to ‘that’ seat.

I turned towards the husband, looked into his eyes and with a bright smile said loud and clear-

‘’Bara dada bhetu lawkar! (Ok uncle. See you soon!)

Seeing me speak in pure Marathi, the look on his face was priceless!

I saw his wife chuckling softly in the corner. 😂

I studied in Marathi medium, scored 90+ in Marathi at 10th boards, have a lot of Marathi speaking friends in Goa and most important- Lokmat comes home daily- the highest selling Marathi newspaper in Goa!

For his ‘secret talks’, he could’ve used any language but Marathi! 😂

I turned back to ‘my seat’ with a weird sense of accomplishment.

‘Sure this is going to be a blog post on my site!’- I made a mental note as I climbed the mini staircase back to my seat.
P.S. I managed to click this amazing pic from the window of ‘that’ seat when I was laying there listening to his ‘Bhayya Puraan!’ 😅🤩


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  1. Awesome written and very well captured. I wish i cud the expression on the said person’s face, when u wished him in Marathi. Anyways keep up the good work and keep on sharing such lovely stores with all of us. God bless and god speed


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