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About Me and My Solo Travels:

So, I was born and brought up in the land of sushegad, Goa.

Yet, quite contrary to the image of Goans, relaxed and laid-back, I’m always on the move.

about pravin malik

I quit my full-time, well-paying job in 2019 and have travelled solo across western, southern and north-eastern India and as I’m typing this, I’m greeted by the breathtaking view of Munnar’s tea gardens through the vapours swirling up from the piping-hot lemon tea I just bought at the local dhaba.

What Travelling Means to Me:

I always felt what they said about solo travels and nomadic life was a little exaggerated, but having travelled half the country couchsurfing, travelling in general train compartments, getting bitten by a snake and being crushed to death, well almost, by a wild Bison, I now know whatever they said was absolutely spot on!

I have always preferred raw travels and even through my travel blog, I try to portray the raw side of the places I visit or the tribal people I meet, as I like to call them- my Travel Heroes!

The Most Unforgettable Experiences of My Life:

During all these years of my solo travelling, I’ve had so many unforgettable experiences, I decided to pen down a select few.


In case you are curious, you can read about it below.

What’s Your Story?

I would love to hear your travel stories too, especially if you’ve visited the same places as I have.

Feel free to get in touch with me on my social channels:

I’m very active on social media, especially during my travels as I like to engage my audiences with LIVE stories and Vlogs about the places I visit.

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